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Unit 3: Pioneering excellence in textile manufacturing

Middleton Manufacturing proudly introduces Unit 3 at Milton Keynes, a dedicated textile manufacturing unit positioned to redefine standards of excellence. Operating under the rigorous IATF16949 Standard, this world-class facility is set to revolutionise the landscape of textile production in the UK.

Key facts about unit 3

IATF16949 standard compliance

Unit 3 operates in adherence to the prestigious IATF16949 standard. This places it among the elite 599 companies in the UK and the globally recognised 75,970.

Optimised manufacturing space

Unit 3 is purpose-built to cater specifically to the intricate demands of textile production, ensuring unparalleled quality and precision in every product.

High capacity

With the capability to produce 15,000 sets per month on a single shift,  combining speed and quality seamlessly.

Automated precision

Automatic sewing machines, expertly operated by a single individual, guarantee not only speed but also unwavering quality with every production cycle.

Strategic storage solutions

The facility offers 5,200 sq ft of rolled carpet storage space, optimising logistics for a seamless production process.


An opportunity to scale production, with the potential to reach 40,000 sets per month on a single shift or an impressive 1,000,000 sets on a dual shift over the course of a year.

We have created this dedicated space to open the doors to UK manufacturers to onshore or reshore, derisk, and remove issues of duty without affecting price or quality. It will improve service as we have facilities to sequence deliveries to the end destination.James Nash, Managing Director

Unit 3 at Milton Keynes is more than a facility; it’s a testament to innovation, precision, and a resolute focus on delivering the best to our clients. As we embark on this journey, we invite manufacturers to witness the transformative power of Unit 3, where excellence meets efficiency in every product.

Get in touch with us today, to understand how this Unit can be the perfect fit for your manufacturing needs.


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