Established 1967 in Yorkshire, the UK’s heart of manufacturing, Middleton Manufacturing is the largest and oldest producer of automotive floor protection products, including tailored car mats, boot mats and lining materials.

Middleton has a majority market share supplying a selection of the largest and most well-known retailers, distributors and automotive businesses in the UK and Europe.

Automated production coupled with owned fleet facilitates just-in-time deliveries whilst having the scale necessary to service global businesses competitively.


A primary converter of rolled materials into floor protection products, Middleton Manufacturing customers are confident in the knowledge that their supplier has the best possible hands-on knowledge and expertise to deliver the ideal solutions. Coupled with this, by dealing directly with the manufacturer, products costs are as competitive as possible.

True product costs however must take into account the carbon footprint. From its manufacturing base in the UK, Middleton deliveries across Europe and neighbouring regions save in thousands of miles importing finished goods by ocean freight. Additionally, lead times and stock holding requirements are minimised that releases cashflow pressures and valuable storage requirements.


Key to scalability, growth and consistency is automation. As a manufacturing business leading our sector, it is important that we are able to react swiftly to increases in demand. This is made possible by the automated machinery that has been and continues to be a significant investment in our future.

Step 1: Customer orders are received digitally, eliminating the need for manual input that is costly and often results in errors.

Step 2: Bespoke software “nests” the different mat shapes and sizes to eliminate waste, grouping individual pieces for easy identification by the operators.

Step 3: CNC machines interpret the data and cut the rolled material as designed.

Step 4: A combination of both automated and staff operated sewing machines finish the mats.

Step 5: Complete orders are despatched through the production lines with tracking and invoice information transmitted digitally.

Five steps of automation


Just-In-Time production, sequenced deliveries, and precise supply chain management through its in-house fleet.

We collect raw materials weekly from partner factories in mainland Europe and employ our own vehicles for deliveries to key customers. This independence from third-party couriers and freight companies aligns seamlessly with the demands of a contemporary manufacturing facility, ensuring exceptional service levels while optimising costs for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Sewing Academy

Middleton Manufacturing has been a steadfast advocate of local employment for over fifty years. We’ve bolstered staff retention and production consistency through comprehensive team training and upskilling.

A noteworthy achievement is the introduction of the ‘Sewing Academy’ at Middleton Manufacturing. Guided by our most experienced team members, new recruits have the chance to acquire the essential skills for establishing a career, while our current team members continue to refine and expand their capabilities.

As dedicated champions of the local economy and providing growth opportunities, we take immense pride in the ‘Sewing Academy’ and eagerly anticipate its future development, which will encompass an expanded range of staff training options, including apprenticeships.


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Managing Director
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Customer & Development Project Manager
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Production Manager