Introducing MAT APP, an all-in-one solution for personalised mat orders. MAT APP serves as a customisable portal, adaptable for standalone use, website integration, or inclusion in in-store and dealership point-of-sale systems.

Notable features include:

  • Simple five-step order process.
  • No need for vehicle mapping.
  • No ongoing maintenance or update commitments.
  • Automatically updated with the latest vehicle releases.
  • Unrivalled customer journey and experience.
  • Tailored and ‘white-label’ solutions.
  • Complete order tracking and status via ‘4mat’.

Bespoke orders placed through MAT APP offer the flexibility of direct end-user delivery or branch pickup for the customer.

Our dedicated administration portal, ‘4mat,’ provides comprehensive order visibility and allows for the management of available customisation options.

Conscious Carpet

Middleton Manufacturing proudly introduces a groundbreaking innovation in the UK: a recycled and fully recyclable range of vehicle carpet mats, setting the benchmark for sustainable carpet production.

With an impressive three-decade legacy in the UK’s automotive sector, we collaborate with more than 200 automotive companies, dedicated to supporting their goals and elevating their services. In today’s world, environmental consciousness is paramount for businesses, and we are continuously advancing our commitment to a greener approach, striving towards achieving net carbon neutrality. This signifies the next phase of our journey.

Crafted from a unique mono-material, our ‘Conscious Carpet’ products are designed to be repatriated and recycled, marking a complete circle in environmentally sustainable production. This sustainability comes without any compromises on quality and performance.

This marks a significant milestone for both the industry and the planet. We look forward to you joining our group on the journey.

Lining Direct

With our unique history in the procurement and conversion of market-leading carpets and associated materials we have acknowledged the growing online demand from our clients, consumers, enthusiast, and ‘How to’ activists. is our eCommerce portal addressing the specific requirements of this sector, supported by the invaluable experience of the Middleton team.

With continuous product development and our close relationships directly with the carpet mills, we are offering high-quality materials that can be used for many automotive vehicles such as camper vans, motor homes, ambulances, vans, cars, car boots, boats, trains, and many more.


Middleton Manufacturing’s MATPRO: Innovating the connection between sage accounting and automated production

MATPRO, our tailored software development, acts as the crucial link between the Sage accounting system and our factory’s automated processes. This integration streamlines communication, seamlessly connecting customer order files and APIs to our internal systems, ultimately achieving outstanding Just-In-Time production.