Motor Manufacturers & Dealers

Holding the UK’s largest pattern library for both floor and boot mats in right and left hand drive applications, Middleton Manufacturing is the chosen partner for the largest operators in the new and used vehicle sectors.

As the UK’s leading producer of tailored floor protection, having the latest patterns and keeping them up-to-date with manufacturer changes is paramount. We have an on-going R&D program with new vehicle floorplans digitized as they are released. This affords our customers with confidence, knowing that our library is always up-to-date and importantly, also monitors manufacturer updates as far back as the Ford Model T.

Retail & Distribution

For decades Middleton has supplied both tailored and universal floor and boot mats to the automotive and general retailers and distributors.

Well-versed in the needs and requirements of their respective sectors we have the knowledge and experience required. From designing products that meet price targets to following brand guidelines and delivering high volume sequenced production. Middleton has the scale and dedication necessary.


Middleton has the scale and economies to support commercial distribution requirements. A leading importer of rolled carpet and rubber with an unrivalled UK stock holding, we are the choice supplier to resellers and converters.

Example industries include:

  •   Vehicle converters
  •   Coachbuilders
  •   Business and office supplies
  •   Emergency vehicles
  •   Marine
  •   Trains


Middleton has embraced the advent of online retail and has for many years been a key supplier to the largest online automotive platforms. Our dedicated integrations offer automation to both receive orders and communicate despatch information.

Customers benefit from bespoke products being manufactured and fulfilled without stocking requirements and the high risk of obsolescence.