Sustainability is a vital consideration in a thriving business, and at Middleton Manufacturing, we consistently innovate our methods, mindset, and pledges in alignment with the latest guidance and advancements.

We take pride in our ongoing development of eco-friendly practices, encompassing sustainable materials and waste management. We are resolutely dedicated to achieving our group’s net carbon zero goals by 2024, placing it at the forefront of our efforts.

Current initiatives include:

Conscious Carpet

Crafted from a distinctive mono-material, our ‘Conscious Carpet’ products support sustainability and innovation. They can be easily repatriated and recycled, forming a sustainable production cycle without compromising quality and performance.

In alignment with the automotive sector’s dedication to low and zero emissions vehicles, ‘Conscious Carpet’ becomes the prime selection. Middleton Manufacturing offers a leading range of vehicle-specific applications for both right- and left-hand drive vehicles, all available in ‘Conscious Carpet’ for comprehensive floor and boot protection.


Waste is a financial burden for any organisation. Middleton Manufacturing employs a tailored automated ‘nesting’ program in our CNC machines to optimise mat cutting, ensuring efficient use of raw materials and minimal waste. This approach not only reduces production lead times but also maximises cost-effectiveness.

Carpet & Rubber Waste

Whilst we have exemplary systems and process in place to minimise production waste, it is inevitable that some still remains. We have partnered with a local company, minimising travel distances, that recycle both carpet and rubber. The materials remain in the supply chain and do not arrive in landfill.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Middleton Manufacturing is a SEDEX member (Company Reference: ZC413603679) and have been since 2018. We strive to uphold and exceed the corporate and social responsibilities of organisations in today’s business environment.

Our employees being the foundation of Middleton Manufacturing, and as such we ensure that the business understands and adheres to the responsibilities it has to our employees.