Sustainability at Middleton Manufacturing

Sustainability is really important to Middleton Manufacturing. We’ve been taking steps to improve our sustainability and protect our planet. Here is a small taste of what we have been doing:

Conscious Carpet
We are the first UK developer of a recycled and fully recyclable vehicle carpet. Manufactured from a unique mono-material, ‘Conscious Carpet’ products can be repatriated and recycled, completing the circle on environmentally sustainable production without any compromise on quality and performance.

Waste is a cost to any organisation and our planet. Our bespoke, automated ‘nesting’ programme used in our CNC machines for the cutting of mats to complete tessellation on the raw material and reduce wastage.

Carpet & Rubber Waste
Whilst we have exemplary systems and process in place to minimise production waste, it is inevitable that some still remains. We have partnered with a local company, minimising travel distances, that recycle both carpet and rubber. The materials remain in the supply chain and do not arrive in landfill.

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