Made in Britain mark

Middleton Manufacturing: Embracing the ‘Made in Britain’ Mark

Middleton Manufacturing recently applied for the prestigious ‘Made in Britain’ mark, underscoring our commitment to British manufacturing heritage. This mark unites the British manufacturing community, signifying high standards and quality. Through this initiative, we aim to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace and highlight our dedication to excellence.

Phil McBride, Customer and Development Project Manager said: “We are probably the best-kept secret in the UK’s manufacturing world. This membership will give us the edge over current competitors, and help us penetrate the OEM market furthermore, alongside our recently acquired IAT F16949 certification.”

Middleton Manufacturing takes pride in our British roots and strives to uphold the values of craftsmanship, innovation, and tradition. Join us as we proudly display the ‘Made in Britain’ mark, symbolising our dedication to British manufacturing excellence.

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